Periodontists Treatment For Gum Related Disease


For a lot of us, it can be a shock when our regular dentist mentions that we should visit a periodontist.  You may have mixed emotions because frankly you may not even know what periodontists even does and that fact alone can be a bit intimidating.  At KK Dental New Jersey we realize the nervousness that can sometimes come along with seeing a doctor from a different branch of dentistry, which is why we take the responsibility seriously when it comes to educating our clients on the services we offer.

Periodontics is a specialized area of dentistry that deals with the diseases that may form around the surrounding structures of your teeth.  Most commonly these structures are known as gums, which you have most likely definitely heard of before.  At KK Dental we have certified periodontists on staff that are highly qualified to perform any surgery that your gums may require.  Our highly trained support staff is also there to provide you with the support you need both pre and post procedure so all in all you get the most complete care available when you come to KK Dental.

As someone who may be suffering from some level of gum disease, it is important for you to be able to identify some of the symptoms that commonly spike up when the disease is present.  Once you identify those symptoms, just schedule a visit with KK Dental and we will take it from there.  Let’s take a look though at some warning signs that may precipitate a visit to a KK Dental periodontist.

  • Do you notice when you look at your gums that they are overly red or swollen in certain spots?  These are likely signs that gum disease is on the horizon or has even taken place already.
  • One of the easier symptoms to tell is if you teeth are constantly bleeding when you feel they should have no reason to be.   This constant loss of blood in the area should definitely prompt a trip for a professional consultation.
  • Your gums can even be damaged to the point where some or at least one of your teeth are loose.  It probably goes without saying that if you start getting random loose teeth that it may be time for a visit to the periodontist.

The biggest thing as far as treatment goes is once you are experiencing symptoms, to set up an appointment with one of our board new jersey certified periodontists right away.  They can obviously take the necessary steps to ensure that whatever gum disease, if any is present, does not become more advanced.

The specific method of treatment that the periodontist performs can vary based upon the level of infection and its location, but the end goal is always the same.  We will remove the infection that has invaded your gums and rid you of the pain associated with it.

As always at KK Dental, we strive for you to have the most comfortable treatment possible which is why even after the procedure we work with you to minimize any discomfort through the most up to date and most effective methods available.


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