The importance of having healthy gums cannot be overstated. As some of the softest tissue inside of the mouth, the gums are responsible for acting as part of the anchor system of your teeth, as well as the circulation of blood and saliva which can help to keep your entire mouth healthy. When your gums become infected, or when you suffer a gum condition that is caused by other sources, it can lead to pain from swelling, bleeding, and bad breath. The health of your gums is as important as the health of your teeth, but few people are aware of just how much of a difference gum health can make.

When Should I See a Periodontist?

Damaged gums can cause a wide range of problems, which include:

  • Loosened teeth due to a loss of gum tissue, or receding gum tissue.
  • Increased infection rates in the mouth due to open sores or weakened gum tissue.
  • Poor breath caused by deposits of food and bacteria, which can gather in pits or open sites in the gumline.
  • Puffy, sensitive, or otherwise inflamed gums.
  • Bleeding in the gum line.

When you experience one of these symptoms, or a combination, it is certainly time to see a certified periodontist. At KK Dental, we have several on staff with decades of experience between them. Some have performed well over 10,000 surgical operations successfully, and can bring that experience and care to the life of any patient who is in need of the best treatment for their gum issues.

It’s also important to speak with a periodontist if you have a hereditary condition that can effect your gums, such as gingivitis, or naturally receding gums. Both of these conditions can lead to dental complications that are uncomfortable and embarrassing, but a periodontist may have the best idea of how to move forward and treat them accordingly.

Protecting Your Gums

Often times, the most important work that a periodontist can do is to identify and prevent problems before they can become more severe. If your dentist has recommended that you see a periodontist to address an issue that he or she has noticed during a dental examination, then that course of action will be the smartest move that you can make. The periodontists at KK Dental are fully qualified to provide many different treatments which can stop problems before they become much more severe, including:

  • The prescription and treatment of antibiotics to halt an infection in the gums.
  • Removal of infection within the upper or lower level of the gums.
  • Bone grafting when necessary, which may also be beneficial in cases where dental implants are considered.
  • Augmentation of the ridge material, to allow for a more comfortable and well guarded gum line.
  • Grafting of soft tissue to replace and reinforce much needed gum tissue.
  • The lengthening of crowns to reduce friction during chewing and prevent the infection that it can cause.
  • Dental implant procedures, which can help to reduce friction on the gums as well. By filling an empty place in the bite line, and adding the much needed stimulus that jawbones need to stay vital, dental implants may be one of the top options that a periodontist can provide to his or her patient.

Specialists You Can Rely On

The staff at KK Dental are committed to providing high quality periodontal care, whether we’re your primary dental care provider or you’ve been recommended to us for periodontal treatment. We also work to make sure that our services are affordable to our patients by controlling our prices without compromising the quality of service we offer.

Whether you’re someone who has had a long history of gum disease, or you’re experiencing new symptoms and want to know what can be done, we’re here to provide you with no-pressure consultations and information on our periodontal treatments, long term plans on how to address your dental concerns, and treatments which can greatly reduce the discomfort and embarrassment that gum disease can introduce into your life. At KK Dental, we’ve had a long history of helping the great people of New Jersey to overcome the challenges of gum disease and health, and we use that experience to constantly improve our treatments and the lives of our patients.

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