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Dr. Sandy Chang, KK Dental’s top on-staff Prosthodontist, can provide patients with unique and personally tailored plans that can help to reduce discomfort, eliminate embarrassing aesthetic problems, and improve a patient’s general dental health and self image.

Tooth loss and damage to the shape of your teeth can contribute to physical pain and social stress for those that must deal with them on a daily basis. From a lack of confidence due to missing or broken teeth, to trouble with chewing, speaking, or drinking, misshapen or broken teeth can lead to a host of mental and physical issues which should be addressed as soon as they appear. If left untreated, issues like broken teeth can lead to injuries inside of the mouth, which in turn can lead to a higher rate of infection and an overall lower quality of life for an individual.

At KK Dental, Dr. Kishor Kulkarni and his staff offer extremely qualified and experienced Prosthodontic services that can address many of the problems that can occur for patients with these dental concerns, including treatments that can reduce pain and discomfort, and preventative measures that can slow or even completely halt dental problems.


How Can a Prosthodontist Help?

Prosthodontists work to restore teeth which are missing or damaged, and can also address some of the functionality issues that teeth may have as well. Dr. Chang, along with Dr. Kulkarni and all of the staff at KK Dental are fully qualified to perform examinations, provide consultations, and help patients to understand why their problem is happening, and how KK Dental can help. As one of the best dental care providers in the New Jersey area, and with over three different locations, the staff at KK Dental are very experienced when it comes to identifying issues, providing effective care, and creating a comfortable environment for patients.

Prosthodontists provide a wide range of services toward this end, which include:

  • Crowns, or tooth-like structures which are placed over a prepared tooth. A crown is often employed after a root canal has been performed, or to restore a tooth which has been badly cracked. Crowns are made to look and feel like your natural tooth, and can also be used to anchor bridges for instances when a complete tooth replacement is necessary. Crowns are employed with dental implants as well, although prices vary by procedure.
  • Caps, which are placed over teeth which require a new top surface. Like crowns, caps are made to resemble real, natural-looking teeth.
  • Bridges, which are structures that rely on adjacent teeth to hold an artificial tooth. Bridges can help to fill in the gaps that missing teeth can leave behind. They may also be more affordable when compared to dental implants, although this varies on a case by case basis.
  • Veneers, which are enamel shells that are placed over teeth to enhance or replace the look and shape of a tooth. Veneers are created to look like your own teeth, and can be used to correct discoloration, misshapen teeth, or small gaps between teeth. Often the best solution for minor cosmetic corrections.
  • Removable partial dentures and full dentures, or trays of prosthetic teeth. Well made dentures are not only comfortable, but they are specifically crafted to look like your natural teeth. Dentures can be used for the top or bottom arches of teeth, or for both depending on your dental profile.
  • Dental implants, which replace your missing teeth through the use of a titanium implant that a crown will be affixed to. Dental implants look and feel like natural teeth, but have an added advantage of keeping the bone tissue in the jaw vital once they have been successfully placed.

A Plan for a Better Life

While there’s no doubt that many of these procedures are aimed at cosmetic improvements, it’s also important to remember the general quality of life that a person can experience based on their oral health. As a prosthodontic expert, Dr. Chang can readily identify the best areas of your dental health to target and address, which can lead to fast improvements in the way that you feel about your smile. From full replacements, to regaining lost functionality, KK Dental has a strong commitment to all of its patients. Stop in for an examination today to learn more.

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