Root Canal Procedure

Do you think you are in need of a root canal?  Here at KK Dental center NJ, our trained staff has done hundreds of root canals throughout the years and is experienced at bringing you through the process of getting this type of dentistry completed.  In fact, KK dental has three of the most well-known endodontists in the area who perform our root canal procedure on our patients.  From the three endodontist specialists to our well-trained professional staff, KK Dental takes pride in educating our patients about the procedures they will need to undergo.  There are a lot of myths about root canal procedures that probably need to be dispelled before we get into the specifics of why KK Dental is the top pick for the procedure among those in New Jersey who need to undergo it.

The Basics of the Root Canal Procedure

When you are told you need a root canal, you may or may not have pain inside your mouth.  Once the dentist makes the diagnosis that you need a root canal, there are a lot of emotions that may run through your mind.  Remember that a root canal procedure itself is not painful and if anything, the procedure is meant to relieve the pain you were experiencing which led you to the dentist’s chair in the first place.  What prompts the need for the root canal in the first place is that your tooth has essentially been infected to the point where it needs to be surgically worked on to get rid of the infection.  During the procedure you will be under a local anesthetic and will not feel a thing.  When you wake up, one of the KK Dental endodontists will have successfully repaired the tooth, removed the infection, and you will be pain free.  How long will the root canal procedure take? Most are completed within 1 hour or less.

Cost of Procedure

At KK dental our slogan is “quality dental care at reasonable fees” and this way of thinking also applies to our root canal procedures. Most dental insurance plans will cover a root canal and KK Dental has a complete list of the providers that they work with, which you can find on the “Financial Options” link under the endodontists tab.  For specifics of the cost of an insured or non-insured procedure, please contact anyone of the three KK Dental offices and they would be happy to set up a consultation during which all of your affordable options will be explained to you.

Hours of Operation

At KK Dental, clients never have that feeling as though they are being ignored.  How do they show this loyalty?  One of their three offices is open 7 days of the week. Take a look on the website for specifics, but all of the locations are conveniently located in central New Jersey and are easily accessible via the major highways in the area.

Now that you know a little about KK Dental, we would really like the opportunity to earn your business.  Call us at KK Dental Center NJ today for a consultation and get all of the root canal related questions or anything else you need answered by one of their friendly staff members.



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